About Us

Current BayEchos:

Harrison Cui is the president of BayEcho and a senior at Saratoga High School. Over his four years in BayEcho, he has dedicated himself to fostering relationships between parents and teenagers. Outside of BayEcho, Harrison enjoys reading, delving into scientific research, and sampling diverse cuisines. This year, he hopes to lead the team in reaching out to more teens and families through presentations and panel discussions.

Nelson Niu is a senior at Monta Vista High school.

Austin Cai is a Saratoga High senior and BayEcho Vice President who is dedicated to mending the cultural divide between second and first generation immigrants. At his school, he experienced firsthand the dilemma of balancing respect for heritage with cultural assimilation. Through BayEcho, Austin hopes to utilize his own experiences and guide first and second generation immigrants in their attempt to balance cultural respect with assimilation.

Robert Zhou is a senior at Monta Vista High School. He enjoys breaking (aka break-dancing) as his hobby, and he strongly believes in the necessity for mutual caring and understanding for all aspects of parent-teen relationships. His current goal is self-improvement through reading guidance books, communicating with others, and experiencing difficult situations.

Jonathan Tang is a junior at Lynbrook High School.

Brain Jin is a junior at Lynbrook High School.

Daisy Qian is a junior at Fremont High School.

Nathan Zhang is a sophomore at Lynbrook High School.

Jasmine Li is a sophomore at Mitty High School.

Angela Zhao .


Honorary Board:

Dennis Cui is a co-founder of the BayEcho Association. He was a main organizer and speaker in BayEcho’s presentations. His goal is to spread BayEcho’s message beyond the Asian-American community because he believes that building family relationships is pertinent to any culture. Dennis graduated from Harvard University. He has a strong interest in math and the physical sciences. His passion is for using technology to streamline and improve peoples’ lives.

Peter Tang is a co-founder and a board member of the BayEcho Association. He started with other members in delivering seminars to assist in parent-teen communication. His goal for the organization is to be able to assist a wide range of people in many ways possible. Peter graduated from the University of Chicago. His passion for serving the community drives him to run the organization for the benefit of others.

Carl Shan is one of the co-founders and board members of BayEcho Association. He graduated from the University of California, Berkeley. Carl’s principle interest in starting this organization is to foster open dialogue and communication between parents and their children. Since BayEcho’s inception, Carl has given numerous talks to crowds of over 200. He’s been featured on the radio, newspaper and television and hopes to expand his program eventually to underprivileged neighborhoods.

Amy Liu Dauphinais served as a former BayEcho Team Advisor. She previously worked at the Home Church as the Families and Kids Director, and has a passion to see families strengthened and young people find their purpose in life. She is working towards a graduate degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. In her spare time, she enjoys being a frugal foodie, spending time with her husband, and working with youth at her church in Alabama, where she now resides.


Past BayEchos:

Angela Qiu graduated from Lynbrook High School. She hopes to lead BayEcho to reach more families in order to educate and enlighten them, and expand the organization to encompass more activities. Among her interests are photography, swimming, traveling, and playing and coding video games. She hopes to one day be fluent in four languages and live abroad.

Kathryn Samp graduated from Los Gatos High School. She has been a member of the organization for over two years and has enjoyed speaking in many presentations and serving as treasurer last year. She hopes to both help teens and spread the word about BayEcho through creating and administrating the BayEcho blog as well as supporting the group as vice president. Kathryn endeavors to attend college on the East Coast and one day become an attorney. In her free time, she enjoys reading, art, blogging, and playing with her cat, Dahlia.

Tanya Lee graduated from Cupertino High School and was responsible for training incoming members for presentations and ensuring that meetings run smoothly. She is currently exploring the topic of her future career and hopes to one day eat unlimited amounts of Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream with incurring health issues.

Victor Wang graduated from Lynbrook High School.

James Ling graduated from Monta Vista High School. He is responsible for the BayEcho website and enjoys many different subjects from the science to economics. He can also play three instruments: the piano, guitar and cello.

Kenny Zhang graduated from The Harker School. He likes a variety of subjects, such as biology, business, theater, and literature. He loves to travel and experience new countries. In the future he hopes to work internationally or, if all else fails, become a famous Hollywood actor.

Alex Wang graduated from Leland High School.

Joy Tang graduated from Lynbrook High School. Joy has a great interest in music and is going into her fourth year in choir. One of her accomplishments this year was placing into regional and all-state honor choir for the 2012-13 school year. She has also been playing guitar for over 2 years and has had many experiences performing, including playing for the kid’s church every other Sunday for worship.

Elia Chen graduated from Monta Vista High School. Elia hopes that by being a part of BayEcho, she can strengthen the bond between teenagers and their parents. She also aims to help the president organize important events for BayEcho in order for BayEcho to reach out to more families. During her free time, she likes to eat, sleep, and shop.

Christina Pan graduated from Monta Vista High School. Her goal is to help BayEcho fulfill its vision by managing sound finances and acquiring more funds and resources.

Emily Chen graduated from Fremont High School.